About Detox ATL

The first step in any addiction treatment plan is undergoing detox. At Detox ATL, we help guide each client that makes contact with us to a detox facility that meets their needs. 

The Need for Detox in Atlanta

When you begin the treatment process, you’ve set out on a life-changing journey that will change the trajectory of your path moving forward. According to a SAMHSA-based study, in the Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Marietta area, an annual average of 622,000 people ages 12 and older used an illicit drug in the past year. While these numbers can be shocking, the need for drug addiction treatment in Atlanta has never been greater. 


At our facilities, we provide a safe space to get sober without having to fear for your physical or mental health. Our medical and addiction professionals understand what you’re going through and are here to guide you every step of the way. 

drug addiction treatment atlanta

Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Atlanta

Most often, we see individuals admit to the  following detox programs:

  1. Alcohol Detox
  2. Drug Detox
  3. Heroin Detox

More common substances treated at our programs include:

  1. Cocaine Detox
  2. Fentanyl Detox
  3. Benzo Detox
  4. Suboxone Detox
  5. Meth Detox
  6. Kratom Detox

What Happens After Detox?

When our clients begin to understand the steps of detox, they often ask what the next steps will be. With a wide range of treatment programs, our addiction professionals will determine the best aftercare plan that best fits your needs. Typically, a discharge planner will meet with you upon your detox admission and prior to your discharge to ensure you have a plan in place to continue drug addiction treatment in Atlanta. Once detox has been completed, you can now focus on new coping skills and focusing on underlying traumatic events.


Other types of programs at Detox ATL include:

  1. Holistic Rehab
  2. Family Therapy
  3. Medication-Assisted Treatment
  4. Trauma Therapy

Find Drug Addiction Treatment in Atlanta Today

Studies show that the longer someone stays in treatment, the better chances they have at staying sober. At Detox ATL, we give individuals the tools to stay sober and help them apply them to their lives successfully. Our services and therapies help clients understand why they began to use substances in the first place. In addition, we help clients reach their goals moving forward. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or substance use disorder, call us today at 470-828-2226.