Atlanta Addiction Treatment Services



At our Atlanta addiction treatment programs, our main priority it to guide clients through the detox process in a supportive way with evidence-based modalities in the Atlanta area. Through a wide range of services, we encourage a full mind-body approach to treatment. Our services are incorporated into each client’s individualized treatment plan to encourage healing and provide multiple pathways to recovery.





Atlanta Addiction Treatment Services

trauma therapy in atlanta

Trauma Therapy helps treat the results of a person experiencing trauma, whether that be ongoing and perpetual trauma or trauma that happened in childhood.

medication assisted treatment program

Medically Assisted Treatment can be beneficial when one decides to enter into detox to help minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

family therapy atlanta

Family therapy treats the effects of addiction for the family as a whole in a supportive and encouraging environment.

holistic rehab center

Holistic rehab consists of a variety of non-medical methods to help people overcome substance abuse. 

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No matter what you’re struggling with, Detox ATL is here to guide you through detox and long-term care. Through our wide variety of services, clients not only find the strength to enter the world of sobriety but also understand the underlying causes that led to addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, or mental health issues, reach out to us today. The first step is asking for help, we’ll guide you through the rest.